What are total disability and partial disability?

What are total disability and partial disability? Temporary total disability are benefits paid to workers injured at work and is unable to perform their regular work duties. Depending on jurisdiction, there may be some limits to how long one will receive the benefits. Such an employee is entitled to benefits until his/her return to work, becomes permanently disable or dies. Temporary partial disability are benefits paid when injured workers have experienced enough recovery from the injury to return to work but is not fully able to return to their regular work. Permanent partial disability refers to disabilities not classified as total disabilities. Payment for permanent partial disability is paid in a lump sum for minor/less serious injuries but in periodic payment for more serious injuries. Permanent total disability refers to total disability due to serious/severe injuries. In addition to pensions, some jurisdiction provide lump sums. While in other jurisdictions, benefits are paid by estimating the loss of earning is permanent and total. Depending on jurisdiction, the payment maybe permanent until the age of retirement or for a limited time.

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