Underreporting of injuries common in construction

Underreporting of injuries common in construction. National surveys like SOII may underreport report injuries because workers may not report the truth about their injuries. One example is firefighters or military workers. First responders and military workers find it hard to be benched from duty. Employees can be benched due to any injury and workers may mislead employers about their injuries. Another issue is employers may under report injuries to SOII. Underreporting injuries are more common in construction and undocumented jobs. As I stated previously, workers, especially undocumented workers may not want to lose their jobs due so they rather lie about the extent of their injuries to provide to their families.

Hispanic workers may have higher workplace fatality rates in the US because there are more Hispanic immigrants in this country than other countries. While the US is a melting pot, there are more Hispanic immigrants who do the unwanted jobs in the United States. The jobs that some Americans look down on include: mining, meat packing, and other laboring jobs where employees get paid under the table. Employers that pay employees under the table tend to not report the injuries because they do not want the backlash or get in trouble for employing people with illegal work.

I do believe that workplace fatality rates do increase with age. I also believe that the level of training also plays a part in fatality rates. In the lecture, there was a slide showing the rate increase of fatalities in the workplace. There showed to be an increase from workers in the 20’s to workers in the 50’s. Workers between their 40’s and 50’s had the highest death rates in the workplace, while there was a decrease in the amount of deaths for workers between their 50’s and 60’s. I believe this trend is due to the amount of retirements that begin to happen. Between 45 and 65 people are retiring because they are getting too old and burnt-out from their careers. Burning out, or becoming lackadaisical could cause potentially fatal injuries.

       Medical examiners can determine the cause of death by analyzing every aspect of a corpse. Construction workers who breathe in dust for example may not go to the doctor as often as they should, but over the years the health of the employee may deteriorate causing death. Medial examiners can pinpoint the source of death to breathing in dust due to unsafe working conditions. Another example is a fall. Falls are very common in the workplace and could be fatal. Medical examiners or autopsy reports inform us of the initial cause of death.

Several patients go to the emergency room a day.  There were several patients that came in to the ED due to injuries on the job or because they were not feeling well. If I were to collect data regarding work-related injuries some cases such as asthma may be missed in our counts. There are some illnesses that may get over looked like asthma or body pain. This may be due the patient having history of this illness which may be exacerbated by their careers which would be over looked. Underreporting of injuries common in construction




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