Top 10 Oxygen Cannulas That Assist In Proper Breathing


Supplementary oxygen is provided to thousands of people around the world suffering from various respiratory diseases. In developing countries, this is usually done in a medical center, but in a country like the United States, it can be easily provided at home. This is where the oxygen cannula enters. These hollow tubes are tools that connect the supplementary supply of oxygen to the nostrils for delivery.

Top 10 Oxygen Cannulas That Assist In Proper Breathing


1. Salter Style Adult Nasal Oxygen Cannula

It has a one-piece anatomical design to ensure maximum patient comfort. It has an over-ear placement, so the sleeve can be firmly positioned on the patient. The Salter 1600 series adult nasal cannula allows patients to move their head and arms freely without worrying about shifting or dropping the cannula.

  • Benefits of Salter 1600 series nasal cannula
  • The curved nasal prongs fit perfectly and provide comfort.
  • The way the pipe is bent allows it to be perfectly placed on the upper lip.
  • The design of the oxygen nasal tube eliminates the use of ridges or flaps that usually cause irritation.
  • It has a 3-channel safety tube to ensure an uninterrupted supply of oxygen.

2. Salter Style Adult Micro Nasal Cannula

It has a small size, making the oxygen supply tube difficult to see on the face. The Salter adult miniature nasal cannula helps to improve patient confidence and compliance. The earmuff design eliminates the use of ridges and flaps that normally cause irritation. It is a one-piece cannula, so no type of assembly is required. Suitable for occasions with a flow rate of approximately 3 LPM.

Benefits of Salter type mini nasal catheter

  • The material used is soft, so it is very comfortable to use.
  • It has a curved and tapered nasal prong, which is very suitable for the nostril.
  • The function like transparency makes it almost invisible during use.
  • The material is lightweight, so it does not put any pressure on the nose or ears.
  • It has a three-channel piping system to ensure an uninterrupted oxygen supply.

Precautions when using Salter-type adult nasal catheters

  • Do not sterilize or reuse the cannula.
  • There should be no contamination when using the casing.
  • Do not turn or wrap the sleeve according to your wishes, as it may obstruct the oxygen supply.
  • Do not allow children to approach any oxygen system or cannula without adult supervision.

3. CareFusion AirLife Standard Nasal Cannula

The lip of the nasal oxygen tube is angled and flexible. The slanted tip provides a softer edge. The sharp design makes the nostrils comfortable. According to the patient’s usage, the CareFusion AirLife standard nasal cannula has flared and non-flared shapes. Although it is sturdy and durable, you should avoid twisting the casing.


4. Salter Style Children Nasal Cannula

The Salter Style Children’s Nasal Cannula is specially designed for pediatrics. It is made of soft plastic and light in weight, which minimizes discomfort or pressure on the ears. Children are often irritated by medical equipment, but the cannula is very comfortable to the skin, so it is very suitable for use with children. It is a one-piece cannula, so no assembly is required. There are no ridges or skin flaps that may cause any irritation.

Benefits of Salter type pediatric nasal catheter

  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is an over-ear cannula to ensure that it does not slip off and shift.
  • The prongs are curved, tapered, and smaller to facilitate insertion into the child’s nostrils.
  • It fits perfectly on the upper lip, thus preventing slippage.

Precautions when using Salter Style children’s intubation

  • Do not place anything on the cannula or supply tank as it may obstruct the flow.
  • Without adult supervision, children are not allowed to use it.
  • Do not use any type of lubricants on the prongs, as they may cause nasal irritation.
  • Always keep the casing clean, but do not disinfect the casing.

5. Salter Oxygen Tubing Swivel Connector

An important part of the conventional oxygen cannula type, it can completely prevent leakage to ensure that the appropriate amount of oxygen reaches the patient’s body. Salter oxygen tube rotary joint-male to male can be fully rotated 360°, thus reducing the chance of twisting, turning, or crimping the casing. It is a safety lock when the casing is used, and it is very convenient to use.

The benefits of Salter oxygen pipe joints

  • It has a leak-free connection to ensure that no oxygen is wasted.
  • The tip is perfectly shaped and can support regular-sized cannulae.
  • It is strong and lightweight, making it the perfect choice.
  • It has a gentle and obtuse angle, which eliminates the chance of injury.
  • It has ribs on both ends to help it hold it better.
  • It is completely latex-free.

6. Medline Soft-Touch Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Medline’s soft-touch nasal oxygen cannula is economical, comfortable, and latex-free. The nasal cannula provides better adaptability for patients, making it an ideal choice for long-term care. It helps reduce irritation and soreness. Designed for patients with long-term oxygen supply, curved, unopened nasal fork. It comes in various lengths and sizes and naturally fits the nostrils to provide a comfortable fit. It has a soft-touch pen tip, which can reduce the soreness and irritation of the needle tube. Designed for safe and harmless extended use

The function of Medline Nasal Cannula

  • Easy to use and disposable
  • Pressure tube
  • Connection type: Standard
  • Instrument grade: plastic

7. Hudson RCI Softech Adult Nasal Cannula

Hudson RCI Softech adult nasal cannula provides a standard earmuff design with a very soft nasal prong. The cannula is very light and soft. The ear-hook design optimizes fit and stability while maximizing patient comfort. Hudson RCI Softech adult nasal cannula is individually packaged. Standard pipe connectors can be directly connected to the flowmeter.

Function of Hudson RCI Softech Nasal Cannula

  • Starlight Design
  • Provide anti-squeeze and anti-kink tube
  • Lightweight and flexible


8. Drive Cozy Adult Soft Nasal Cannula With Non-Kink Tubing

Drive Cozy adult soft nasal cannula is made of super-soft disposable material and can be used for a long time. It is a standard configuration for non-kinked tubes. The adjustable tube fits comfortably on the ear, and the sleeve can be firmly fixed in place, providing complete freedom of movement. It is designed with curved pins and a very soft cannula. The length of the cannula varies, which can meet the needs of many patients.

Function of driving comfortable adult nasal cannula

  • Compatible with a supplemental oxygen source, providing up to 15 LPM flow
  • Latex-free and flexible
  • Close to nose and face


9. CareFusion AirLife Cushion Adult Nasal Cannula

The CareFusion AirLife adult nasal cannula has a soft and clear design, which can provide patients with the best comfort. It is compressive and prevents biting and kinking. It has a soft and transparent design, which provides the best comfort for patients. The nasal cannula resists extrusion

The function of CareFusion adult intubation

  • Star tube
  • Comfortable ear hook
  • Tubing maintains oxygen flow
  • Prevent kinks and bites


10. Hudson RCI Star Lumen Oxygen Supply Tubing

The Hudson RCI star-shaped lumen oxygen supply tube has a channeled lumen to resist kinking and blockage. The pipeline can help meet the needs of patients and clinicians in most care settings. The tube can be used to help deliver oxygen to the patient. Its length is 7 to 50 feet. The oxygen tube can provide standard or universal connectors. It is connected to the oxygen concentrator and oxygen nasal cannula.

Features of Hudson RCI Star Lumen Tube

  • With anti-kink design
  • Installed directly on the flow meter without adapter
  • With star lumen technology
  • Single-use only
  • Individually packaged
  • Made of the vinyl material


Choosing the right type of oxygen pipe supply should be the first step, and at the same time deciding which equipment or tools should be purchased to supply or use supplemental oxygen. The cannula is a method of oxygen delivery, the wrong type may cause oxygen loss or complications. For more information about oxygen intubation, click here.

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