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What does the medical device and medical device industry do?

Medical device and surgical equipment manufacturers have a wide range of terms, and they belong to the broader field of life sciences. Although these terms may be very general, they are very important in healthcare and medical services written by Dr. Hasanat Alamgir

Surgical device manufacturers (usually medical device companies) create products to diagnose, treat, and prevent medical conditions. Contrary to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, as the name suggests, medical equipment and surgical instruments are used during surgical operations and medical interventions.

In the surgical equipment industry, research and development costs are high, and innovation is very important.

Manufacturers of surgical instruments, surgical tools and surgical equipment face many regulations. They must first obtain FDA approval before the products can be put on the market. Therefore, many of these surgical instrument manufacturers prefer to build on existing products rather than make brand new surgical equipment.

The surgical and medical device industries are important in several different ways. First of all, it is very important in healthcare. Surgical equipment manufacturers are also important in terms of career prospects because of the large number of employees in the industry. This is also important in terms of investment and its role in the overall economy. Currently, the medical device market is expected to reach US$155 billion in 2017.

The following ranking looks at some of the top surgical instrument manufacturers from all over the world, and highlights the details that make these surgical instrument companies stand out.

“Best 6 Best Surgical Instrument Manufacturers” list

The list is sorted alphabetically (please click on any manufacturer name below to go directly to the detailed comment section of the medical device company):

The best 6 best surgical instrument manufacturers | a brief comparison


Surgical Equipment Manufacturers


Key Specialties

Boston Scientific Marlborough, MA Interventional radiology and cardiology, vascular surgery, gynecology and urology
Dextera Surgical Redwood City, CA Thoracic and cardiac
Hospira Lake Forest, IL Infusion pumps
Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon) Somerville, NJ, and Cincinnati, OH Surgical sutures
Medtronic Dublin, Ireland, and Fridley, MN Advanced surgical technology, cardiac rhythm, cardiovascular
SIM Surgical St. Louis, MO Contracted manufacturing of surgical instruments and surgical equipment

Table: Top 6 Surgical Device Manufacturers | The above list is sorted alphabetically


What are the main types of surgical instruments and surgical supplies?

The medical device industry involves many subcategories. Generally, the categories used to define medical devices also include:

  • Diagnostic equipment including ultrasound, CT scanner and X-ray machine
  • Treatment equipment including infusion pump and medical laser
  • Life support equipment, such as heart-lung machines and dialysis machines
  • A medical monitor that can view the patient’s vital signs (such as blood pressure and EEG)
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Diagnostic medical equipment
  • Physiotherapy machine and other treatment equipment

There are even further classifications when specializing in basic surgical instruments and surgical tools. Some of the most common medical devices manufactured by surgical equipment manufacturers include:

  • Grab
  • Retractor
  • Mechanical tool
  • Nozzle and straw
  • Irrigation and injection needs
  • Range and detection
  • Measuring device

These are just a few of the many surgical tools and surgical equipment that surgical instrument manufacturers may produce.

Method of choosing

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Detailed review-top surgical equipment manufacturer

Please find below detailed reviews of each of the top surgical instrument manufacturers. We have highlighted some factors that make each surgical instrument supplier score high in our selection ranking.


Boston Scientific Review

Boston Scientific is one of the world’s top surgical equipment manufacturers, treating 22 million patients every year, and has commercial representative offices in more than 100 countries.


The key factors that led us to rank it as one of the best surgical equipment manufacturers

Here are the reasons why Boston Scientific is the top manufacturer of surgical supplies, surgical equipment and surgical tools.


Large medical equipment supplier

Boston Scientific is one of the world’s largest medical and surgical device developers and manufacturers. The surgical equipment company treats tens of millions of patients every year and provides 13,000 products.

The leader in the surgical equipment company has more than $8 billion in operating sales and has invested $876 million in research and development.


Medical Specialty

Boston Scientific is one of the leading surgical device suppliers and medical device providers, and they provide products covering a variety of specialties. Some majors include:

  • Electrophysiology
  • Female pelvic medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Interventional cardiology
  • Interventional Radiology
  • neurosurgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • painkiller
  • Pulmonary
  • Urology
  • Vascular Surgery


An important reason why Boston Scientific is included in the ranking is their dedication to innovation. As mentioned at the beginning of the top-ranked surgical instrument supplier ranking, not all companies are focused on R&D; instead, they may re-use existing products.

Boston Scientific is committed to leading the way in innovation and R&D.

They pave the way for the most valuable innovations by collaborating with healthcare professionals to identify where they are needed, which has led to some of their top solutions, including Precision Montage MRI spinal cord stimulation designed to provide customized chronic pain relief. Device.

Boston Scientific is also focused on listening to patients to solve the most difficult obstacles and challenges facing the healthcare sector.

This leader among surgical equipment manufacturers held a global competition that encourages the development of new ideas and the use of big data to improve patient outcomes. This is called the “Boston Scientific Connected Patient Challenge.”

Dextera surgery review

Dextera Surgical recently changed its name, formerly known as Cardica.


The key factors that led us to rank it as one of the best surgical equipment manufacturers

The following are the main reasons why Dextera is included in this list of top surgical equipment manufacturers.

CABG surgery

Thirteen years ago, Dextera Surgical introduced the first automatic anastomosis system for cardiac surgery. They are still the only devices of their kind used for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) on the market.

In addition to this innovation, Dextera has also expanded its product portfolio with products focused on advancing minimally invasive surgery.

One of Dextera‘s latest medical and surgical instruments is the MicroCutter 5/80s stapler, which is the smallest surgical suture instrument on the market.



Dextera is not one of the surgical instrument manufacturers with a variety of specialties in this major, but their customized expertise is narrow, which allows them to stand out in their field of work.

For example, in the professional field of thoracic surgery, Dextera has manufactured a micro-cutter, which has the smallest shape and the greatest freedom of movement of any articulated stapler. It reduces the anatomy required to place the stapler around challenging blood vessels.

It also provides better visibility and easier placement.


Cardiac surgery

In addition to thoracic surgery, Dextera’s other specialty is heart surgery. Heart products provided by Dextera can help doctors replace manual sutures with automated systems. Even in very small vessels, this can provide consistency and reliability in the anastomosis.


Hospira review

Hospira is a surgical equipment company, part of Pfizer and one of the top surgical instrument manufacturers. Hospira specializes in infusion technology.

The key factors that led us to be named one of the best medical device companies in 2021

In the list below, Hospira is listed as the top surgical equipment manufacturer and manufacturer of surgical tools.

Clinical service

One of the unique elements that makes Hospira stand out among other surgical supplies and medical device providers is its clinical services team.

The team of this leading surgical tool provider is responsible for providing clinical expertise to customers. The team includes nursing and pharmacy consultants, who can provide data analysis, benchmark testing, clinical product use evaluation, clinical consulting and clinical education services.

The clinical services team of this top surgical device manufacturer can also support customers through the requirements and compliance of the joint committee recognized by its healthcare organization.

Hospira review


Infusion Pump

The main focus of Hospira’s medical devices is high-performance infusion pumps, which are designed to ensure the reliability of drug delivery.

Hospira’s goal is to help doctors provide maximum patient care and safety, and its innovative smart pumps and pain management products are designed to provide safety and help providers achieve their workflow goals.

Specific infusion pumps and systems provided by Hospira (one of the top providers of surgical equipment) include:

  • Plum 360 infusion system
  • Lifecare PCA infusion system
  • SapphirePlus Infusion System
  • Sapphire infusion system
  • Pump accessories


In addition to surgical supplies and surgical equipment, Hospira also created security software and IV-EMR interoperability.

This is to ensure patient safety and high-quality care. The leader provides software products among surgical equipment manufacturers to help caregivers access important information about patients and their treatment.

To simplify patient information, Hospira provides Hospira IV-EMR interoperability, which can connect drugs to IV pumps, patient information and EMR. The Hospira MedNet security software solution manages information about intravenous infusions and helps maintain clinical best practices.

Johnson & Johnson Review

Johnson & Johnson is a multinational company that not only produces medical devices and surgical tools, but also produces pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products and personal hygiene products. Most surgical instruments and medical devices are produced under the name Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

The key factors that led us to rank it as one of the best surgical equipment manufacturers

In terms of manufacturing surgical tools and supplies, the following are some of the reasons why Johnson & Johnson is included in the list of best surgical instrument manufacturers.


Compared with many other basic surgical instrument manufacturers and surgical instrument suppliers, Johnson & Johnson is unique in its long history in the industry. Johnson & Johnson has long been a leader in the production of surgical tools and surgical equipment, with a history dating back more than 130 years.

The surgical instrument manufacturer was established in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and was the first manufacturer to mass produce sterile sutures, surgical dressings, cotton and gauze.

Ethnic business

One of the many areas of innovation that Johnson & Johnson focuses on is Ethicon and internal cutting technology.

This top manufacturer of surgical equipment has led the development of advanced organizational management. This includes surgical sutures and internal cutter techniques.

Ethicon provides surgeons with some of the most advanced surgical instruments designed to produce the best patient treatment results.


Another key area of ​​Johnson & Johnson’s surgical tools and medical devices is biosurgery. Johnson & Johnson is committed to production technology and innovation, and is committed to minimizing intraoperative and postoperative complications.

These solutions are biologically based and help reduce the cost of previously expensive and difficult to manage operating conditions (such as bleeding problems).

The company is also making progress in the field of wound closure, the company has a comprehensive wound closure product portfolio.


Medtronic Review

Medtronic is a medical device company and was named one of the most admired companies in the world by Fortune magazine.

The key factor that led us to become the best surgical instrument manufacturer in 2021

Below are detailed information on why Medtronic is included in this list of leading surgical equipment manufacturers and surgical equipment companies.


Advanced surgical techniques

One of Medtronic’s expertise in surgical instruments and surgical tools is advanced surgical technology.

Medtronic is in a leading position in the production of this advanced surgical equipment. Specific products provided by the company include ablation systems, electrosurgical hardware and instruments, smoke extraction, ultrasound anatomy and blood vessel sealing.


Product Category

Medtronic is an expanding international company that specializes in various categories related to surgical instruments, surgical supplies and surgical equipment. These categories include:

  • Heart rhythm
  • Cardiovascular
  • diabetes
  • Digestive and gastrointestinal tract
  • ENT
  • General Surgery
  • Neurology
  • Patient care
  • Patient monitoring
  • respiratory tract
  • Spine and Orthopedics
  • Urology and Urology

Important area

In addition to being a leader in all areas of innovation from basic surgical instruments to advanced surgical tools, Medtronic is also one of the surgical equipment companies on this list, and it also has other focus areas. These include:

  • Develop products, therapies and services to improve hospital efficiency
  • Provide clinical education, medical evidence and practical support
  • Combining breakthrough technology with educational support
  • Remote monitoring of patients through nursing management services
  • Practical resources for all medical specialties
  • Medtronic College provides education on heart rhythm and cardiovascular therapy
  • Development of minimally invasive therapy

SIM surgery review

SIM Surgical does undertake the manufacturing of medical equipment, and their reputation has been over 45 years.

The key factors that led us to rank it as one of the best surgical instrument suppliers

Among the surgical instrument suppliers and surgical equipment manufacturers, the following are some prominent elements of SIM Surgical.


In this ranking, SIM is actually the only other surgical device company. They are contracted by the development company for the actual manufacturing and engineering of surgical equipment. They have fully modern facilities and specialize in the production of German quality surgical instruments and implants.

The leader among the surgical equipment manufacturers is well-known in the industry for on-time delivery and consistently delivering high-quality products.


SIM company was founded in 1968 and has a long history among surgical equipment manufacturers.

SIM is a provider of contract manufacturing solutions. They are based on custom business models based on manual technology and innovation.

These elements are supported by its production process, which aims to make surgical instruments and surgical equipment from concept to rapid, cost-effective mass production.

Commitment to customers

The important reason why SIM has become one of the world’s leading surgical equipment manufacturers and surgical equipment manufacturers is because of their commitment to customers.

They guarantee that they hire, train and empower the best engineers, craftsmen and mechanics to work for them. They also put production quality in the most important position, and they have proper manufacturing and quality control systems that can achieve reproducible results.


Conclusion-the best 6 best surgical instrument manufacturers

The medical device industry, including the manufacture of surgical instruments, surgical tools and surgical equipment, is a huge industry, and it will continue to grow.

Manufacturers and manufacturers of various surgical instruments ranging from basic surgical instruments to advanced surgical instruments are expanding and have become one of the world’s leading industries.

The above rankings and reviews of leading surgical equipment manufacturers and surgical equipment suppliers focus on the world’s best companies known for innovation and quality.

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