Rate of pressure ulcers in Hospitals

Rate of pressure ulcers in Hospitals: Comparison of Bethesda, Maryland are Bridgepoint Hospital Capitol Hill, Bridgepoint- National Harbor, and Western Maryland Center. Both Bridgepoint Capitol Hill and Bridgepoint National Harbor’s ownership are For profit and Western Maryland Center’s ownership is by the Government. The rate of pressure ulcers that are new or worsened were the highest at Bridgepoint-National Harbor Hospital at 3.7% which is 2.4 percent more that the national average, the second highest is Bridgepoint Hospital capital at 1.0%, .3% lower than the national average  and the lowest in that category is the government owned hospital Western Maryland Center at 0.0% which is 1.3% lower than the national average. The National average is 1.3%. Both Bridgepoint Capitol Hill and Bridgepoint National Harbor achieved 0.0 percentage of LTCH patients who experience one or more falls with major injury during their LTCH stay. The National average for that category is .1%.

The National average for effective care is 99.3%. Both Bridgepoint Hospitals again tied with 100% for  percentage of patients whose activities of daily living and thinking skills were assessed and related goals were included in their treatment plans and both Bridgepoint Hospitals also tied at 100% for percentage of patients whose functional abilities were assessed and functional goals were included in their treatment plan as well. Western Maryland Center the Government hospital performed at 98.1% in both categories respectively.

So far it seemed to me the two For Profit hospitals are performing slightly better than the Government owned hospital.

In the category of “Infections”, for catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) Bridgepoint Capitol hill scored a margin of worse than the national average benchmark, Bridgepoint National Harbor scored a better than the national benchmark and Western Maryland center scored “ No different than National Benchmark”. For “Preventions”, both Bridgepoint hospitals had the highest at 97% and 98% for the influenza vaccination coverage. Western Maryland recorded an 84% for the influenza vaccination coverage.

There was a major difference when it came to the percent of patients/residents assessed and appropriately given influenza vaccine, both Bridgepoint Hospitals were recorded at 1.3% and 2.7% which at about a 77% difference from the National Average of 79.1%. Western Maryland had a good 76.3% in that category.





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