Nursing homes in California

The distribution of Nursing homes varies by region is because it depends on the population of elderly people that live in that region. Some regions may have a higher population of elderly people than other regions. Changes and growth of the population affects it.

The numbers and beds of Nursing homes in California from 1995 to 2016 have increased. The population of elderly increasing will cause the need for the number of more beds. Half of the increases are from urban areas as well. California also has a larger share of highly rated nursing homes than the rest of the nation. The majority of nursing home patients in California are also over the age of 65.

Physical therapist reduce pain and inflammation, accelerate healing, strengthen muscles and increase range of motion to help patients get on their feet and they also help with chronic pain. Occupational therapist help patients improve and maintaing the ability to do activities of daily living like dressing, toileting and bathing. Speech therapist deal with a person’s ability to communicate and swallow.


It is important because th relationship between the staff and nursing home residents should be warm, polite, and respectful. All staff wear name tags so that the resident know who they are communicating with should any problems and issues arise and, the staff should also refer to the nursing home residents by their name as well. It is important to know about the handrails in hallways and grab bars in the bathroom to help keep the patients safe and to prevent accidental falls. Helping the residents stay aware of those safety features can help prevent those things.







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