Employers with top OSHA’s enforcement cases

Employers with top OSHA’s enforcement cases. OSHA compliance safety and health officers conduct inspections in different workplaces without advance notice.  This allows OSHA to see whether companies follow set safety and health regulations and standards.  When companies are noncompliance, citations are issued many with a high price tag.  The attached table lists employers with the ten top OSHA’s enforcement cases with initial penalties of $40,000 or above.  Many of the business operations with the highest penalty amount included cases in business operations in manufacturing, construction, electrical and service.


State Inspection No. Employer City Issuance Date Initial Penalty
VA 1143317.015 The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company DANVILLE 10/7/2016 $847,200.00
VA 1335210.015 T.D. Fraley & Sons, Inc. SPRINGFIELD 1/24/2019 $528,692.00
VA 1335211.015 PKC Construction, Inc. SPRINGFIELD 1/24/2019 $381,762.00
VA 1296231.015 Lanford Brothers Company, Inc. MARION 8/8/2018 $304,130.00
VA 1255478.015 Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Virginia LLC SALEM 1/11/2018 $249,565.00
VA 1221798.015 James River Air Conditioning Co. Inc. COLONIAL HEIGHTS 9/18/2017 $225,995.00
VA 1298890.015 Nestle USA DANVILLE 6/8/2018 $187,060.00
VA 1154949.015 US Postal Service MERRIFIELD 12/12/2016 $178,156.00
VA 1344204.015 Wolverine Advanced Materials, LLC BLACKSBURG 2/4/2019 $174,284.00
VA 1145281.015 The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company DANVILLE 10/7/2016 $165,200.00
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