Common chronic diseases among Residential Care residents

According to the CDC, the five common chronic diseases among residents of Residential Care Community are High Blood Pressure, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, heart disease, depression, and arthritis. The prevalence of chronic disease is mandatory reported to the CDC. The data report is used for research and to provide preventative measures against chronic diseases. It is not surprising that the high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease is among the common diseases report for residents of residential care community. These disease are linked with an aging population according to researches.

Resident Care Community is an adult homes that provide personal care adults or residents (often time seniors). According to the lectures, daily living needs assistance among Residential Care Community are bathing, walking, dressing, toileting, transferring in/out of bed or chair and eating. The residential homes are located in neighborhoods and sometimes caretakers provide other activities such as day trips, exercises, and other extensive activities to keep residents happy.

Nurses, Certify Nursing Assistance, Dieticians, License Nurse Practitioners, Personal Care Aids, and Chefs are some the staff who provide care for Residents of Residential Care Community. I believe the Personal Care Aid provide the most care for the resident, because the majority of their hours are spent attending to the resident’s needs. The chefs provide the less or no contact to the residents.

There is a high incidence rate of falls when it comes to seniors, according to the CDC websites. When it comes to the documentation and reporting fall and ED visit is vital. Nursing homes and Residential Care Community is required by law to report their states about injury and ED visit. Reporting incidents is important because it can help Public Health workers to analyze and provide preventative measures for the future.



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