Businesses in Virginia fined by OSHA

The top 10 Businesses in Virginia fined by OSHA are the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (twice), T.D. Fraley & Sons, Inc., PKC Construction, Inc., Lanford Brothers Company, Inc., Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Virginia LLC, James River Air Conditioning Co. Inc., Nestle USA, US Postal Service, Wolverine Advanced Materials, LLC (Figure 1.0). To get an overall view of what each business is about we googled all 10 companies. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is a company that manufactures tires for cars, trucks, airplanes, SUV, etc.


This did come to a complete surprise. One of the reasons is because even though I did not know much about these companies there are some that live in my area. T.D. Fraley & Sons, Springfield, PKC Construction, Inc. In Springfield, and US Postal Service in Merrifield are areas that I am very much familiar with.  T.D. Fraley & Sons, Inc. and PKC Construction, Inc. in Springfield make more of an impact because they are closer to where I live. I live in Springfield; VA and I had no idea that there was a company close to my home that was one of the top 10 in VA as having the highest penalty. I tend to ask myself. why this is happening and is there something that is missing in the company that can be fixed? Are they getting it fixed?  It would be interesting to see if they have done anything to minimize these incidents so that the penalty would stop.


One reason is that The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is on the list twice. Ranking from being number one and number 10. For a company to be twice on the top 10 lists does not look very good for the company.  Back in 2016, they had a violation of $165,200.00 and then they became the number one with $847,200.00. So far this is the highest penalty for a company in VA. It seems that they have not had any other penalty aside from the big ones in 2016. This a plus because it means that so far in the last 3 years, they did not get penalized for any further violations. This a good overall view about who got penalize the most and start to ask questions as to why and what can be done to prevent this not only for this company in the future but


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