Best TENS Unit


Best TENS Unit

Best TENS Unit are occurred in muscle and joint pain can have multiple causes, including tension, stress, overuse, minor injuries or chronic diseases, and treatment options. For some people, a device that generates electrical impulses through muscles is called TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), which can eliminate acute pain. After spending 18 hours researching and 12 hours testing 10 different TENS units, we recommended TechCare Pro24. It is comfortable and easy to use, and it is small enough to be carried or tucked in a pocket. Compared with most models, TechCare Pro24 has more intensity settings, allowing you to gradually increase the power. In addition, this model also has a lifetime warranty, while most competing products have a warranty period of two years or less.

TechCare Pro24 best tens unit

TechCare Pro24 has an intuitive interface, and manual control buttons make it too fast or accidental to increase the intensity. The maximum output we measured was 0.4 watts, which makes TechCare Pro24 one of the most powerful models we have tested. You can connect up to four adhesive pads to the electrode cable, allowing you to treat multiple areas at once. Pro24 has 20 intensity settings and 6 modes of current pulses (more than most units we tested on two counts), Pro24 provides you with multiple options to make the current feel weak or strong. Compared to the display on any other device we considered, the large and bright screen (which looks a bit like the early iPod screen) is easier to read and less crowded. Pro24’s timer is easy to adjust, and the built-in battery can be charged using the included cable and charger. The device also comes with: a piece of easy-to-use plastic material that is used to wrap the wires and stick them on when not in use.​​​ This model also comes with a flat small tote bag, but we think the box it comes with is actually more suitable for storing equipment and accessories. Most importantly, if you are not satisfied with Pro24, it has a lifetime warranty-unique among the brands we tested.
Wired or wireless: wired
Strength setting: 20
Maximum output: 0.4 watts
Hand-held remote control? Yes, with a backlit screen
Included pads: Six


Prospera Magic TENS
If you only need to focus on a single part of the body, please consider Prospera Magic TENS, its interface is much simpler than the other units we tested. This model is not a handheld device, it is connected to various electrode wires and sticky pads, but an integrated small with three buttons (on/off, increase the intensity, decrease intensity) and a battery status light directly connected to two tools. Electrodes on sticky pads. Prospera has five modes-a series of short pulses alternating with longer pulses-best for use on a single area on the front of the body, so you can see which button you press. Of all the models we tested, the device has the highest maximum output power (0.5 watts), but it only has 10 intensity settings, so the incremental jump in intensity is greater than the vibration of TechCare Pro24. Prospera also has the shortest warranty (90 days) of all models we have tested. The device is very compact and easy to carry and comes with a zippered plastic bag, a charging cable, and a laminated instruction card, which can be pasted on when packing.

Wired or wireless: wireless
Strength setting: 10
Maximum output: 0.5 watts
Hand-held remote control? No
Included pad: one


iReliev TENS + EMS treatment wearable system

Another wireless device iReliev TENS + EMS treatment wearable system is a larger but more customizable upgrade option. Its wireless hub (including two), but up to four can be connected at a time. Allows you to easily target multiple areas while remaining active; experts tell us that this will produce the best results. The hub receives wireless signals from a handheld remote control, which is lightweight and has a bright backlit screen. The maximum output of iReliev is 0.2 watts (a bit less than our other two paddles, but can get the job done). And, like TechCare Pro24, the manual control button on the remote control of this model prevents you from accidentally turning on the power. Compared to any other model we tested, iReliev has more timer modes (between 10 and 60 minutes in 5-minute increments) and more intensity settings (25). It also has 14 different modes, including 6 EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) modes (a function designed to help muscle contraction). Some people like this feeling, but none of our other selected products. The device has a sufficient two-year warranty and comes with a sturdy flip-top carrying case and a two-core Micro-USB cable, so you can charge two wireless hubs and chargers at once. Finally, iReliev’s sticky pads are the most awkward and comfortable pads we have tested. They are larger in size than most pads, so you can handle a larger area on each pad.

Wired or wireless: wireless
Strength setting: 25
Maximum output: 0.2 watts
Hand-held remote control? Yes, with a backlit screen
Pads included: Four

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