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27 Best Sewing Needles for Hand Sewing (Reviews Updated 2021)

27 Best Sewing Needles for Hand Sewing


Best Sewing Needles

One of the most basic items for constructing clothes or completing the best sewing needles for hand sewing.
There are various types, sizes, and lengths of sewing needles, which can appropriately meet the purpose of a specific project.

The tip changes from blunt to sharp, and the shaft and the area under the eyes have different thicknesses.

Knitting needles and crochet needles are very different from hand stitches.

However, embroidery, stitching, craftsmanship, and conventional hand-stitched needles have the same basic appearance, but the size, length, eye width, thickness, and sharpness are different.

If you don’t want to use a sewing machine, then the following best sewing needles that I will discuss represent the best brands and types you can buy for different hand sewing projects. Read the full article to know about Best Sewing Needles written by Dr. Hasanat Alamgir – Professor, NY Medical College.


The best hand sewing needle

1. Dritz 25 pieces of assorted craft needles 98%
2. Compact singer assorted hand needle 95%
3. Singer of all kinds of hand needles 91%
4. 30 assorted hand-sewn needle sets 85%
5. Outus big eye blunt needle steel yarn knitting needle sewing needle 80%

The first one is this kind of multifunctional packaging,…

1. Dritz 25 assorted craft needles

The 25 needles in this group of Dritz 25 assorted craft needles are obviously different in size.

Looking at the disc-shaped plastic box, you can find at least 10 different types of needles.

Thickness, hole size, and length are obvious differences, which also shows that each type requires different thread thicknesses.

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The next needle brand is a popular SINGER, whose products are comparable to previous brands.


2. Compact 25 assorted hand needles for singers

The Singer Singer assorted hand needles in CompactComes use the same standard disc-shaped housing, and you can rotate the cap until the opening releases the needle of your choice.

This is also a set of 25 needles, including darning needles and needles called sharp needles.

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In order to deal with heavier projects, the singer has stretched out a set of needles to meet this need, and this is exactly…

3. Singer heavy assorted hand needles,

Singer’s heavy-duty and various hand needles. These 7 needles are obviously thicker than ordinary needles.

The eyes are large and the body is very long, which can accommodate the larger, stronger cords required for heavy household projects.

Two needles in this group are curved needles, and the remaining five needles are straight needles.

These thicker needles are very suitable for use on canvas, tents, carpets, upholstery, leather, mattresses, coats, and fur.

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If you are looking for a set of needles to cover the entire range of a hand-sewn project, then the next set of needles may be what you want.
it is …

4. Mudder 30 assorted handmade sewing needle sets, 3 pieces

Mudder 30 assorted hand sewing needles set each package can contain 30 different types of hand sewing needles, the whole needle bag is distributed in three different packages.

This means that if you buy this set of needles, you will have 90 needles.

They are housed in standard disc-shaped housing, and the classification in each package ensures that you have all the needles you need at home.

From simple hemming to repairing heavier parts, this kit covers all the basics that you may need to sew by hand except for curved needles.

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If you want to knit and crochet, then this final stitch shape is essential.
This is why…

5. Outus big eye blunt steel yarn knitting needle sewing needles, 9 (silver)

Outus big-eye blunt steel yarn knitting needles sewing needles These needles have large eyelets and a thick needle shaft that can accommodate crochet hooks, thick threads of yarn or other materials used for knitting.

They can also be used to create decorative stitches for cross-stitch and needlepoint projects.

The ends are relatively blunt because they are also basically used as finishing needles to seal the ends of items such as crochet or knitted pieces or the ends of knitted items.

They are used to hold previously formed stitches in place.

They are divided into three lengths: 3 cm, 5.2 cm, and 6 cm long. The eye size is proportional to each length.

There are 9 needles in this group, 3 of each needle.

They are packed in a really neat and convenient container of plastic tubes (reminds me of a very small test tube) for storage.

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Sewing needle in the other hand we reviewed
This is another hand stitch we have seen.

Dritz 57 hand needle, various styles and sizes
Dritz 57 hand needle, various styles and sizes

This multi-pack of 50 needles can be used for projects from embroidery to tapestries. Both sharp and blunt needles are included. Including a variety of needles, you can find the ideal needle for any hand-sewn project.

Nickel-plated steel structure
Various quantities and sizes

BronaGrand 55-piece stainless steel big eye hand sewing needle set
BronaGrand 55-piece stainless steel big eye hand sewing needle set

This multi-piece needle bag with 55 needles is suitable for everything from yarn to embroidery silk. Needles are also suitable for darning or sewing. Big eyes are easy to thread.

stainless steel
Various sizes

Singer 01125 Assorted Hand Needles
Singer 01125 Assorted Hand Needle

This 45-pin multi-package needle is suitable for various projects from darning to tapestry. Both pointed and blunt needles are included. The needle is suitable for thread weight from yarn to fine thread.

Nickel-plated steel structure

AIEX household manual sewing needle set
AIEX household manual sewing needle set

This multi-needle bag includes two bags of 14 needles, totaling 28 needles. Including curved needles and straight needles, sizes range from small needles for embroidery to large curved needles for sewing and decorative work. Even small needles have large holes for easy threading.

Large metal eyelet
stainless steel
Includes 87 mm stitch remover

AIEX big eye hand sewing needle
AIEX big eye hand sewing needle

This multi-pack needle comes in 3 sizes (5 of each)-5.2 cm, 6 cm, and 7 cm. All needles have large eyes and are easy to thread. They are packed in a clean storage tube for easy carrying.

big eyes
stainless steel
Transparent storage tube

Yingkesi 9 big eye stitches
Yingkesi 9 big eye stitches

These needles are made of stainless steel, rust-free, and corrosion-resistant. All needles are blunt and come in three sizes: 5.2 cm, 6 cm, and 7 cm. These needles are suitable for sewing, cross-stitch, and many other projects.

big eyes
stainless steel
Transparent storage tube

Singer 01824 Big Eye Needle
Singer 01824 Big Eye Needle

This set of twelve needles has a magnet for easy storage. They are made of nickel-plated steel, strong and will not rust. These needles are suitable for heavy thread and thicker materials.

Storage magnet
Size 18 to 22
Super long eyes

Mayboos 2 PCS wooden needle box with stitches
Mayboos 2 PCS wooden needle box with stitches

This set includes 13 needles and two wooden boxes for storage. There are four sizes of stitches and nine hand stitches with big eyes. These needles are suitable for most types of sewing, even on heavier materials.

big eyes
Two storage boxes
stainless steel

Kenkio 4-piece gourd-shaped hand stitch set


There are 12 different types of hand stitches:

Paul King (also known as ballpoint pen)
Easy or self-threaded
Embroidery (also known as crewel)
Milliners (aka straw)
Sailboat manufacturer
Interior decoration

The most commonly used Best Sewing Needles are seam, sharp, and applique needles. The tip of the leather needle is wedge-shaped and can pierce leather or vinyl without tearing or damaging the fabric. Sail needles are used to construct materials from heavy canvas fabrics. The shaft of the beaded needle is very thin and the eyes are narrow. It can pass through the hole in the bead core and beautifully embellish the fabric with beads. Bodkin or ballpoint pen needles are used for woven or knitted fabrics; they will not interfere with the knitted fibers in the material. Tapestry and chenille Best Sewing Needles can be threaded through thick threads and tightly woven thick fabrics.


In conclusion

Long live! Say goodbye to the troubles of broken threads, skipped stitches, broken seams, and acupuncture!

Now you know how to find the ideal Best Sewing Needles for each sewing project, so you can sew like a master and sew like an expert!

Have you discovered a new Best Sewing Needles that can make your sewing easier? (The same is true for us!) Tell us in the comments section which ones you will try to use in future projects!

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