Age distribution in Hawaii

Age distribution in Hawaii: There are minimal changes in age distribution over time in the state of Hawaii. The largest age group in Hawaii is over the age of 64 years old. The largest age group from 2011-2018 is the 85-95-year-old group. This group is almost half of the population of Hawaii, at 40-46% of the whole. This is also the most variable group over time. In the last quarter of 2011, this population made 45% of the total state and by 2017, this percentage had dropped about 6 points to 39%.

Due to the environment and climate conditions in Hawaii, populations 65 years old and above may reside in Hawaii through retirement. People under the age of 64 only make up a mere 10-13% of the population at any given time between 2011 and 2018. Another notable change in age distribution is the increase in percentage of the 95+ age group over time. In the last quarter of 2011, individuals 95 and older made almost 7% of Hawaii’s population. Over time, this population grew to 9.67% in 2018. Although an increase of 2.67% doesn’t seem like a substantial increase, it is a notable that there almost 1 in ever 10 residents in Hawaii were over the age of 95.

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