Highest penalties levied on employers in Georgia

10 highest penalties levied on employers in the state of GA by OSHA for workplace safety violations.  With one exception, these businesses are operating factories. Most of these businesses are engaged in manufacturing of some type, one factory processes peanuts.  The most surprising of the list is Riverside Military Academy which is a school and thus not actually an industry typically thought of as dangerous.  The following table lists the companies, what they manufacture and some of their violations.

Company Products  Manufactured Violations
Kumho Tire Tires Exposure to fall, stuck by or burn hazards; failure to follow hazardous energy control; failure to train; failure to provide machine guarding
Great Southern Peanut Peanut Processing Failure to guard open sided floors and platform; lack of safety procedures for confined space; hazardous accumulation of dust; no handrail or railing on stairway; exposure to unguarded shafts
First Source Worldwide Colorants and Specialty Chemicals Failure to install a fall protection system; lack of safety procedures for confined space, failure to train forklift operators
Oldcastle Lawn & Garden Mulch Exposure to amputation, struck-by, caught-in, electrical and fall hazards; hazardous accumulation of dust; exposure to noise levels
Hitachi Automotive Sys. Car Parts Deficiencies in hearing protection; no eye wash stations, failure to train
Columbia Recycling Recycled materials for auto industry Failure to protect hearing; failure to protect petroleum gas storage tanks; failure to store and handle liquid petroleum properly, failure to train.
Dupont Yard Wood posts, timber, wood chips Exposure to falls due to missing rails; failure to train employees, exposure to unguarded machine parts; exposure to shock and burn hazards
Resilux Plastic bottles (drinks, ketchup, etc) Failure to mark emergency exits; exposure to electrical hazards, exposure to unguarded machine parts
Mohawk, Industries Flooring Hazardous build up of dust; exposure to electrical hazards; exposure to fall hazards
Riverside Military Academy -not applicable Working inside a trench without cave-in protection and safe entrance; failure to locate underground utilities prior to excavation








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