Disabilities are higher in the Southern states of America

Disabilities as are conditions of the body or mind that that makes life more difficult for the person with a condition. There are many factors why the disabilities are higher in the Southern states of America. Disability has a high prevalence in south of America among residents over 65 Y.O, women, and racial and ethnic minority groups. People in the south has less job opportunity, less education, lower income, and less access to health care.

The access to health care is important for one’s overall health, especially people with disability. People with disability requires, my time, cost, and care. For example, A person uses a wheelchair have to request a special transportation vehicle to accommodate wheelchair and using a wheelchair can be time consuming to transfer patients in and out of the chair.

Function impairment is complete or partial loss of function of a body part. For example, a patient has lupus an autoimmune disease that cause the immune system attacks its own tissues, and as result of the disease chronic joint pain, and loss of kidneys. Structural Impairment is described as the lost or complication of internal or external component of the body. Functional impairment has functional limitation with requires daily assistance, and structural impairment requires an in depth assistance, for example, patients that are paralyzed, dependent on a ventilator, or unable to speak.

There have been many case studies that indicate the greatest factors of Alzheimer are age and gender. The incidence rate of Alzheimer among female is higher than in male, (1 in 5 female) above 65 y.o. Many researchers are indicating hearth condition, and genetics are cause factors that link to higher incident rate of Alzheimer in females.

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