Medicare website and other pertinent information to select the best possible care

Rating and types of facilities: to provide a detail summary report of three different long-term care hospitals: Calvary Hospital Inc, Henry J Carter Special Hospital, and Terrence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center. It is required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for Long-term Care Hospital (LTCH) to provide updated Data Set forms on their patients and facilities. The data use to compare from each facility were data collected between 10/01/2017 and 09/30/2018. LTCH plays a vital role in society because it treats the sickest patients who need extended hospital stays and helps ensure high-quality care.

Calvary Hospital Inc is a non-profit LTCH that locate in New York, NY. The facility has a total of 225 beds for its patients. After view the Medicare website, there isn’t much information about the quality of care Calvary Hospital provides for its patients. However, there were records for the amount of Influenza Vaccination Coverage; among Healthcare personal is 68%, and residents/patients are 14.6%.

Henry J Carter Special Hospital is a government-owned building located in New York, NY. The LTCH facility has a total of 411 beds for its patients. Henry J Carter Special has 0% rate for complication, above 95% for effective care, and over 80% on the quality measures for healthcare workers and patients. This LTCH readmission is the same as the national average, which is 14.15% and has better than the national average rate for patients returning to home or community.

Terrence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center is a small non-profit LTCH that is also located in New York, NY. This LTCH facility has a total of 50 beds and 0% record of patient complications. This LTCH has no other data recorded other than the prevention rate for Influenza among patients, which is 88.9%, which is above the national benchmark.

If someone uses the Medicare website alone to choose which LTCH facility, their option would create a bias opinion. It is important to do a thoroughly research elsewhere such as news outlet, websites, word of mouth or in person visitation. Selecting the postacute care can be a challenge. The most interesting thing about this research is to see that the non-profit organization have limited data recorded, while the government facility had all data reordered properly. According to the Medicare website, Henry J Carter Special Hospital seems to rank the highest concerning providing quality care for patients. The rate of complication is essential to consider when selecting LTCH because it generates a common illness that occurs during a stay in an LTCH. The rate of readmission is critical to show the measurement of patients who are readmitted for an illness that should have been prevented. When choosing an LTCH is important to visit the Medicare website and gather all pertinent information to select the best possible care for ourselves or love ones.






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