Ranking of rehabilitation services

Subacute acute care may be either after or in place of acute care. Subacute care provides inpatient services and it also provides medical and nursing care. Postacute care Is after acute care. Postacute care provides outpatient services and it also provides nursing and/or nonmedical care.

The rate of readmission is important to measure because it helps with ensuring the quality of care given. Readmission can also be important to measure whether the effectiveness of the care given to patients. Another reason it is important to measure is because efficiency and the productivity of the staff in the facility can also be monitored to ensure the patients are getting the best care possible and it lets people studying the measures know if there need to be new improvements put in place

It is important to monitor so that risks to those certain groups who are falling constantly can be measured and data can be collected. This data helps show who is more at risks for falls and can help provide more safety to those who need it. The data being monitored can also show that more safety equipment and training needs to be put in place to help prevent and provide a safer place for these patients. It also helps to plan the care that will be needed.

These numbers are to calculate the Medicare spent on each patient. The ratios “equal to”, “more than”, and “less than” the national average let you know how each healthcare rehabilitation facility is performing compared to the national average.

They create the scorecard by compiling data which includes number of patients served, average age, things such as volume and length of stay, and goal attainment. They also look at the intensity of the therapy, whether there are functional improvements, things such as discharge data, and importantly patient satisfaction. These data are then ranked against other rehabilitation services.





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