Financial assistance programs for assisted living

The philosophy of assisted living is to emphasize the individual’s right to choose.

Having religion freedom is our natural right according to the United States Bill of Rights and the 1st Amendment, which is “freedom of religion.” Even though a patient might be disabled, a nursing home has to respect a patient religion. For example, Orthodox Jews require his/her meal to prepare in a certain why; it is up to the nursing facility to honor that patient tradition.

The majority of assisted living costs are paid through the personal finances of residents. The cost of assisted living is very costly for family, especially when there is no financial plan in place. There are financial assistance programs available for certain patients meeting certain criteria. Here is a list of financial payment types:

  • Government Programs – Medicaid, Veterans’ Benefits and Social Security
  • Insurance Coverage – Life, Long Term Care, Medicare, and other Health Insurance
  • Private Assistance – Non-Profits, Foundations, and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Personal Property – A Family’s Resources, Private Loans, and Home Equity


  •  A resident and family councils is a self-determining group that helps family and resident to improve the quality of care and quality of life and help them to make a decision that will affect the resident’s care. The Resident and family council is not a support group or a volunteer group. Resident and family councils is vital because it can help staffs find solutions that provide better care for residents.
  • An emergency preparedness plan is important for every nursing home facility, so it’s important to have a contingency for emergency operation plans. It’s regulated by the government that health care facilities meets the guideline and need to have a plan in places for all type of emergency. Emergency preparedness plan is important because can prevent fatalities and injuring in nursing home.


According to The National Center for Assisted Living website the mission statement is “Mission is to lead the assisted living profession through public policy advocacy, knowledge, education and professional development.” It is important that the goal and the mission of an Assisted living home is center on providing quality care and quality life for its residences. (National Center for Assisted Living, 2019)





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