Dementia in assisted living residents

Comparison of State of Texas and New York on assisted living residents and communities and economic impact.

Compared to the State of Texas, New York has 5% more residents that are over the age of 85 who need assisted living at 51% compared to Texas who reports 46% who are over the age of 85 and need assisted living. Texas shows a bigger gap for patients though who have Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia at 45% when compared to the state of New York that reports a 12% lower statistic at 32% for patients who have Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia.

Out of the 6 activities of daily living Texas has a higher percentage in 5 out of the six categories compared to New York such as needing help walking, needing help with dressing, needing help with toilet, needing help with bed transfer and, needing help with eating. New York was only higher than Texas for the daily activity of needing help with bathing at 68%.

In New York 8% more residents rely on Medicaid for long term care at 23% than Texas at 15%.  There is huge gap when it comes to the number of assisted living communities between New York State and the state of Texas.  New York has 800 less assisted living communities than Texas who reports 1300 assisted living communities. This may show that New York has a shortage of assisted living communities to support people who need it. New York also shows 13,300 less beds or licensed capacity compared to Texas’s 48,700 beds/licensed max capacity statistics. Texas also offers twice as many community programs to help residents. Texas has 10 and New York only has 5 programs. The economic impact for both states have a slight gap but nothing large in between the two.


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