Alzheimer’s disease in assisted living communities

In comparing the states for assisted living residents:

In Georgia: 44% are over age of 85 while in Maryland 49% are over age 85.

In Georgia 48% have Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia, while in Maryland 54% have Alzheimer’s disease, therefore the percentage of residents who will need help with their activities of daily living is much higher in all categories in the state of Maryland than Georgia.  64% in State of Georgia needs help with bathing compared to 81% in the state of Maryland.   56% need assistance with walking compared to 66% in the state of Maryland , 47% in Georgia need assistance with dressing as compared with 67% in Maryland , 38% in Georgia need assistance with toileting compared to 60% in Maryland, 21% in Georgia need assistance with bed transfer compared to 46% in Maryland, and 14% need assistance with eating in Georgia compared to 33% in Maryland.

There are 900 assisted living communities in both Georgia and Maryland.  Moreover, 46% of the communities in both Georgia and Maryland are Medicaid certified.  25,200 beds in Georgia while Maryland has 17,500 beds, and average of 23 people served in Georgia while average of 17 people are served in Maryland.

For community programs offered 39% provide social work programs in Georgia as compared to 55% in Maryland, 40% provide mental health/ counseling services as compared to 61% in Maryland.  Furthermore, 53% provide hospice services in Georgia as compared to 64% in Maryland, 38% provide dental services as compared to 47% in Maryland, 88% have depression screening practices in Georgia as compared to 90% in Maryland.

For Economic activity, there are $819.7 Million direct dollars spent in Georgia and $1.5billion total as compared to $665 million spent direct in Maryland and $1.1 billion total in Maryland.

In conclusion: In comparing the states of Georgia and Maryland for assisted living residents, the residents in the state of Maryland are sicker and require more care, assistance and services but the dollar amount spent in Maryland is less than the dollar amount spent in Georgia despite the fact that more services, and programs are available in Maryland.  There are more beds in Georgia when compared to Maryland which signifies that more residents are admitted in Georgia than in Maryland and therefore will increase their total dollar expenses.


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